Lessons from Lockdown

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With countries going into second lockdowns, were there any hopeful lessons from the first?

We have been working on Lessons from Lockdown with Rapid Transition Alliance and this is what we have found...

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Lesson 1 – Looking after each other better

The way in which individuals, organisations and governments responded to benefit the wider community points the way toward a world where this way of working could be the new norm. It also suggests a number of policy shifts that would help us to carry on looking after each other better, as the world emerges from the pandemic. Find out more

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Lesson 2 – More space for people and nature

Responses to the coronavirus pandemic showed that we can quickly make more space for people and nature in our towns and cities. The measures are increasingly important as people become more aware of a dramatic global decline of plant and animal numbers and how habitat loss drives the spread of viruses between animals and humans. Ecological decline creates prime conditions for pandemics as our human activities push climate breakdown and encroach ever closer into the last wild spaces on earth. Find out more

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Lesson 3 – Living with less stuff

During the first lockdown many people adapted to create new, different, ways of living that turned out to be less wasteful, more thoughtful and kinder on our environment. And, given that ecological decline creates conditions for pandemics, how especially in relatively wealthy countries, better lives are possible with less ‘stuff’. Find out more

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