1. We are launching a Book Draw to win a signed copy of one of bwa partner Catherine Barr's latest picture books. To enter, please catherine [at] bwa.design (subject: I'd%20like%20to%20win%20a%20picture%20book!%20, body: Hello.%20%0A%0AI'd%20like%20to%20enter%20your%20Book%20Draw!%20%0A%0AMy%20preferred%20book%20is%20(please%20delete%20others)%3A%0A%0A10%20Reasons%20to%20Love%20a%20Bear%0A10%20Reasons%20to%20Love%20a%20Whale%0ARed%20Alert!%0A%0AMy%20name%20is%3A%20%0A%0A) (email us) with your name and your preferred book. Three lucky winners will be picked out of a hat on 27 February and asked for their bespoke dedications. The books will be published on 10 March. 

    Choose from...

    10 Reasons to Love a Bear OR 10 Reasons to Love a Whale. These are part of a Natural History Museum series of animal stories for 3–6 year olds, woven with conservation facts. 

    Red Alert! is an interactive book for 6–10 year olds, telling the tales of endangered species, with plenty of ideas for children to get involved and help save them. 

    Closing date: 25 February. 

    Three picture books written by bwa partner Catherine Barr