1. A new bwa-designed web platform will enable funders and investors to identify solutions and technologies that can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, so called 'avoided emissions'. Stakeholders are encouraged to comment directly on a Wiki-verison of the draft Framework for Avoided Emissions on the site. 

    This dynamic online platform is the first step in the Mission Innovation Solution Framework action plan. Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative launched at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015 on behalf of the EU to combat climate change. Its mission is to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation and make clean energy widely affordable and reliable. 


    Mission Innovation web platform


  2. Ironic that PANTONE’S Colour of Year 2016 is Serenity (and Rose Quartz)… many of us will all be seeking mindfulness and an antidote to modern stress as we wake this morning. PANTONE’S Executive Director suggests that the 2016 colour generates ‘…a soothing sense of order and peace.’ As the American election result sinks in, our fears around order and peace mount. Trump’s election could mean ‘planetary disaster’ and here’s why… 

    On climate change: Trump believes climate change is a ‘hoax’ and promises to remove the US from its signatories. 

    On drilling for oil and gas: Trump supports more drilling in the Arctic and also on public land and off the US coast.

    On coal: Trump supports proposes expanding the use of coal as an energy source. 

    On the carbon tax: Trump refers to the policies on the carbon tax as ‘job killing’ policies 

    Pantone 2016 colour

    Clean power: Trump has promised to ‘roll back most of Obama’s environmental policies’