1. We are happy to report that this Christmas, our clients’ secrets are disappearing up the chimney. We have compacted our shredded, confidential client papers into bricks for the fire and will be basking in the warm glow of life cycle analysis over the festive season.  

    Happy Christmas everyone! 

    Bricks made from compacted, shredded office paper

  2. Thanks to all who joined in with our bwa secret santa search following our Christmas newsletter. To the lucky winners who found our festive friends on the website and collected the letters to make the correct christmassy word, your prizes are in the post!

    bwa secret santa charactersbwa secret santa prizes

  3. Celebrating Christmas in the 'Town of Books' of Hay-on-Wye makes for easy local Christmas shopping. From the infamous 'honesty bookshop' in Hay Castle grounds to our many historic and iconic local independent bookshops, we have it all. For a great gift for Hay visitors and locals alike (and an added boost to our local economy) buy and use Hay Vouchers*: local currency designed by bwa! But if you are not lucky enough to live nearby, here is our heads up on festive book buying...

    Check out your local independent options: IndieBound

    Discover the online Amazon alternative: Hive 

    Or get radical: Ethical Consumer

    *Hay Vouchers are available to buy over the counter from the Londis in Hay-on-Wye or online

    honesty bookshop

  4. Working with our clients the National Trust, we designed and annually update their internal Christmas planning website, for access by all National Trust property staff preparing a festive visitor experience. The site provides information, shared advice and inspiration – so managers can treat National Trust Property visitors to an exciting Christmas experience.

    National Trust internal Christmas planning site

  5. Following conversations with Greenpeace UK, this Arctic story by bwa Partner Catherine, was published the week Shell pulled out of their Arctic drilling. Elliot’s Arctic Surprise aimed at 5–8 year olds is a gentle introduction to climate change, with a Christmas twist. Catherine's first book: The Story of Life: a first book on evolution, also published in 2015, will be published in paperback later this year.

    Take a look bit.ly/QuartoCBarr

    Catherine manages strategic communications projects at bwa, working with clients from WWF campaigns through to development Concern Universal and others across the environmental and social sectors.

    Elliot's Arctic Surprise

    The Story of Life