Global Challenges Foundation

Our work with the Global Challenges Foundation has centred around their complex report; 12 Risks that threaten human civilisation. We created a printed 208 page document with an online version. Due to the complexity of the data, a partnering 20 page executive summary was required for the launch of the publication at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2015, to raise awareness with world business leaders and influencers.

We designed a series of detailed infographics to explain and clarify the rationale and findings in the main publication, with additional infographics supporting the condensed content in the executive summary. The process involved managing a high volume of amends to complex data within a very tight deadline.

We also designed an interactive analysis system, which enables users to instantly calculate complex risks options on several levels.

Global Challenges Foundation_Global Risks Report and Executive Summary

This 208 page report for Global Challenges Foundation was partnered with a 20 page Executive Summary.

Global Challenges Foundation_Global Risks Report_Executive Summary_Spread

The condensed Executive Summary was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2015.

Global Challenges Foundation_Global Risks Report_Infographic

Summary infographic representing the 12 Risks that threaten human civilisation.

Global Challenges Foundation_Global Risks Report_iPhone

This Drupal CMS website for Global Challenges Foundation was to interpret complex economic research for a wider audience with use of a system of icons, allowing categories to be filtered, and interactive animated infographics. All sections are colour coded and mobile responsive.

Global Challenges Foundation_GROI_iPhone

bwa designed an interactive analysis system for the Global Challenges Foundation. The module, which enables users to instantly calculate and compare complex risk options on several levels, is presented in an accessible, colour coded design solution.

Global Challenges Foundation_GROI_Screengrab_01