1. As the weather warms (and we keep our fingers crossed…), we are as always, busy with projects for the Hay Festival. From signage to advertising, bag designs, bunting and an array of promotional materials, Festival artwork has filled our screens. Off screens, our team are busy picking an event for a bwa outing – so do bear with us if the answerphone clicks on for an hour during the Hay Festival week! 

    Hay Festival Programme Cover 2017

  2. For our latest project for AHEC, we sourced extraordinary paper made from the damaging algal blooms of the Venice lagoon. This fascinatingly sustainable product, Shiro Alga Carta made by Favini is now being made from the blooms of other marine areas. Fittingly, we used it for a leaflet promoting AHEC's Too Good to Waste project at Milan Design Week 2017. 

    Too good to waste project leaflet

  3. We are thrilled to have passed (again and again...) our global quality and environmental standard audits. We are proud to demonstrate to our clients that we are committed to rigorous quality management in all of our projects as well as sustainability throughout our work and environmentally friendly day-to-day business. The two-day external audits each year put our systems and processes through the mill. We are delighted (and a bit exhausted) as ever to come out on top.

    14001 ISO

    Ref: 30002053

    14001 ISO

    Ref: 30002054

  4. Heralding the 50th birthday of Milton Keynes, the Canal & River Trust commissioned bwa to design Canals Edge, a quarterly newspaper to celebrate this anniversary year. With a sketchy illustrative style highlighting opportunities for exploring Milton Keynes, this publication encourages people to discover and celebrate the unique art and heritage of the town's waterways. 

    Milton Keynes birthday

  5. The Story of Space, co-authored by bwa partner Catherine Barr, can now be pre-ordered online. US and French editions are also available. The English edition will be released in April. Written with space scientist Professor Monica Grady from the Open University and Gwernyfed High School science teacher Steve Williams, The Story of Space is the second in the series that kickstarted with The Story of Life: aimed at curious 6-10 year olds.  

    Pre-order herehttp://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Catherine-Barr/The-Story-of-Space/20551015

    Story of Space

  6. Thanks to all who joined in with our bwa secret santa search following our Christmas newsletter. To the lucky winners who found our festive friends on the website and collected the letters to make the correct christmassy word, your prizes are in the post!

    bwa secret santa charactersbwa secret santa prizes

  7. Celebrating Christmas in the 'Town of Books' of Hay-on-Wye makes for easy local Christmas shopping. From the infamous 'honesty bookshop' in Hay Castle grounds to our many historic and iconic local independent bookshops, we have it all. For a great gift for Hay visitors and locals alike (and an added boost to our local economy) buy and use Hay Vouchers*: local currency designed by bwa! But if you are not lucky enough to live nearby, here is our heads up on festive book buying...

    Check out your local independent options: IndieBound

    Discover the online Amazon alternative: Hive 

    Or get radical: Ethical Consumer

    *Hay Vouchers are available to buy over the counter from the Londis in Hay-on-Wye or online

    honesty bookshop

  8. We are delighted to have signed up to Ride to Work and Matt is excited to have got his bike order in. He will soon be breaking his Cardiff commute by hopping on two wheels for part of the way. So we reduce our environmental impact and get our employee's heart racing to boot. 

    Bike to Work

  9. Sheltering from a salty wind, the bwa team is proud to have recently been on-site installing new interpretation for Southwood Estate in Pembrokeshire. Our graphics created for this National Trust Wales site are just one example of the many heritage projects that we are involved with across the UK. 

    Southwood Estate 1

    Southwood Estate 2

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